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Let’s build a new Glitch together! The site you see here is the result of the open source ethos of creating together in public where the Glitch team and the Glitch community build the next version of the Glitch we want to see.

Help us build and share what you think belongs here, too!

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Deliver your Glitch site through Fastly

You can give your website visitors a fast, reliable experience with Fastly CDN. The ~learn-website-delivery project walks you through the flow in a few easy steps. Remix to get your own site, set up a Fastly service for it, and use your own domain with free TLS.
A virtual reality scene showing a rocky, dark grey terrain, with brightly colored columns and shapes emerging in the foreground and the distance.

App of the week!

exponentsandrootsrules by CaptainXico

Created for last month’s Community Code Jam prompt: "teach a thing," this project takes you into a surreal environment to teach you about exponents and roots.

Remix to create your own scene

Show off your projects!

This is the spot to show off what you’ve built with Glitch, and see what else the community is creating. Get feedback from creators, or find a new friend to collaborate with – sharing is the first step!

Get experimental

Did you know that we have a community testing group? Join the Glitch Community Testing program to try out new features before anyone else.

The open social web is here!

Major Fediverse projects, like ActivityPub and Mastodon, are built in collaboration with developers, allowing rapid learning and iteration, along with the possibility for new apps and experiences. This growing community is one of the latest examples of the way moving toward a more open web experience benefits us all.

Build for the fediverse with the Glitch community guide!

Create something for fun

Each month, the Glitch Community Jams on creating something based on a different theme, just for fun. No experience necessary, just a little imagination! Join us at the beginning of the month for Glitch Jams Live, where we show off cool projects made by the community and even code along together!